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The path goes on: Road to Le Mans season 2.

To take the next step. That’s what counts on every path. Not to be stopped by obstacles, counts just as well.

That the road to Le Mans won’t be easy was obvious to Michael Fassbender from the first season onwards. Even during the Porsche Racing Experience he experienced ups and downs to get a little closer to fulfilling his dream. Now, the ambitious driver is facing new challenges – namely in the Porsche 911 RSR during the European Le Mans series. From October 23 onwards, all fans can join him once more on his thrilling journey. Because that’s when the second season of “Road to Le Mans” kicks off – and it packs a punch: new tracks, new race car and even more action. Or as Michael Fassbender described it, “This season is a different league.”

Those wanting to get into the mood before the first episode launches can find the trailer for the second season here.

  • Episode 1: 23. October 2020

  • Episode 2: 30. October 2020

  • Episode 3: 06. November 2020

  • Episode 4: 13. November 2020

  • Episode 5: 20. November 2020

  • Episode 6: 27. November 2020

  • Episode 7: 04. December 2020

  • Episode 8: 11. December 2020

  • Episode 9: 18. December 2020