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A grand final with a great winner: Sebastian Job is the new champion.

Sebastian Job from Red Bull Racing Esports is the new champion in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup. The Briton crowned his fantastic 2020 season with a 5th place in the sprint race and a 2nd place in the main race. Unlucky in the final race, defending champion Joshua Rogers was unable to challenge Sebastian Job for the title. But before the world's best simracers started in Monza in the so-called "Temple of Speed", the All-Star Race offered us exciting action with familiar faces.

Women’s power in the All-Star Race.

As an additional highlight for the season finale, Porsche Motorsport organised the All-Star Race together with iRacing. Here, 14 well-known simracers, or influencers, took part and provided a lot of action on the track. The big winner of both races was the Australian Emily Jones - better known as Emree. The Simracer won both the 15-minute sprint race and the 20-minute main race. The unique feature: the main race was started in reverse order - so Emree began the 2nd race from the last place. An impressive performance from the young Australian.

Rogers is the person to beat in qualifying.

The defending champion Joshua Rogers started with a residual chance in the final of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup in Monza. Had Sebastian Job made a mistake, the door would have been open again for the Australian. As so often in qualifying, Joshua Rogers laid the foundations for a spectacular race to catch up. He won the 8th qualifying, but the gap between him and Sebastian Job was only four thousandths. For one last time this season they started the sprint race in reverse order.

Early decision in the sprint race.

The two Simracers were in a neck-and-neck race in the first few minutes. But a few moments later the championship decision was made in Della Roggia: after a rear-end collision of Dayne Warren and Mack Bakkum in the chicane, bad luck for Rogers took its course. He hit the rear of Dayne Warren and spun off the track. Sebastian Job also hit Joshua Rogers' 911 GT3 Cup in the side. Sebastian Job dropped back to 11th place after this collision - Rogers resumed the race in 25th place despite the most severe damage. Sebastian Job, who now had the championship on his hands, started a breathtaking recovery and finished the race in 5th place. His strongest opponent, Rogers, finished the race only in 24th place, so the championship was already decided after the sprint race.

More than just show-jumping in the main race.

However, as the race result of the sprint race had not yet been finally confirmed, Sebastian Job did not know at the start of the main race whether he was the new world champion and winner of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup 2020. But it is just like racing drivers to put their full concentration on the race even in such a situation. And this is how it happened: Sebastian Job continuously fought his way past his rivals. Only his teammate Graham Carroll was able to stand up to him and relegated the new champion to second place in the main race. The main race also came to a conciliatory end for Joshua Rogers: after falling back to 28th place at the start due to a spin, the Australian fought his way up to the fifth place.

20 new challengers wanted.

The end of the 2020 season also marked the start of preparations for the qualification phase. This begins on 20 October online on the iRacing platform. In a five-week qualification procedure, the 20 available starting places will be allocated by 21 November - because only the top 20 of this season will land a secure place in the next season. And this season starts already in January. Until April 2021, the world's best simracers will compete in 10 races. More information about the next season of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup will follow shortly. #jointherace


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