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Getting through the racing break with “rfactor 2“ and “Project CARS 3“.

Admittedly, it’s still a while until the holiday season and considering the current temperatures, a winter break is not really an apt description. But still: Until the next Formula E race starts in January in Chile, we’re bound to wait for a while. What better way to review the 19/20 season and get hyped for season 21 than with racing games?

Formula E race cars in “Project CARS 3“

The racing game series from Slightly Mad Studios is expanded by another part with “Project CARS 3” and once more geared to conquering the hearts of Formula E fans. Amongst others, the game offers a Formula E Championship – with the fitting vehicles.

As done in previous games, the main focus is having fun rather than depicting racing reality: players can buy vehicles, tune them with race modification kits, adjust vehicle paint jobs, and advance their racing career. However, those looking to race on Formula E street courses shouldn’t leave their head hanging – they were not included in the game. But: The fans can race over 200 different cars across internationally renown tracks, such as Nordschleife, Bathurst or Silverstone. Those wanting to get in on the race action on Playstation 4, Xbox One or a Windows computer should plan to invest about 60 to 70 Euro, depending on the platform.

On Attack Mode in rFactor 2.

Fans of an authentic Formula E race experience can get their money’s worth with the current update of rFactor 2: Once more another laser-scanned and therefore highly realistic Formula E racetrack has become available. Which one exactly is still a developer secret. But if it is just as well-implemented as the tracks from Hong Kong, Berlin and New York – which were already in use during the eSports championship Race at Home Challenge – then the new track promises true race realism along with further improvements provided by the update.

Beside the new track, rFactor 2 offers large improvements in driving physics – along with an Attack Mode. And with it a central tactical element of the Formula E that not only adds more thrill, but also even more realism.

So why wait until January?

So maybe gifting yourself with one of these updates or having it gifted to you as early present can bridge the break until January – after all, it’ll be a while until the holiday season.