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New livery. Proven performance. The powerful 911 RSR at the 24h of Le Mans.

They have become an integral part of the racing community: the 911 models specially developed for motorsport bearing the RSR suffix have been competing in the world’s most prominent contests and racing series for over 40 years. And the latest model, the Porsche 911 RSR-19, is itself making history: this version of the powerful race car with a Flat-six engine is taking to the grid for the first time at the 24h of Le Mans.

The most powerful of its kind.

The 911 has always been the epitome of the sports car. The RSR suffix makes it the most uncompromising GT long-distance car bearing the Porsche Crest on the bonnet. And as you might expect, it is driven by a powerful naturally-aspirated engine with 4.2-litre displacement, as is entirely typical of Porsche. Race after race, its state-of-the-art motorsport technology delivers the passion of its engineers and mechanics to the track, enthralling teams, drivers and fans alike.

Following in its predecessors’ tyre marks.

Every year, new racing history is written in Sarthe. Nowhere else can you sense the tradition and prestige of motorsport as clearly as in Le Mans. Because this 24-hour race is not just about victory and defeat, but traditionally also about fame and honour. For both drivers and vehicles. Whether the 917, 956 or 911 GT1 – the most legendary Porsche race cars owe their fabled status to the 24h of Le Mans. It goes without saying that this is exactly what we want for the 911 RSR. We hope that its tyres will leave their mark, just like those of its predecessors.

Very special race wear.

The 911 RSR models of the Porsche works team will also take to the grid at the 24h of Le Mans 2020 bearing a new livery. The most important thing: the design was virtually created for the Virtual 24h of Le Mans and was used on the cars of the Porsche Esports team during the race. The design is a tribute to the first Le Mans overall victory for Porsche 50 years ago and is inspired by the Porsche 917 in Salzburg Red. This livery more than deserves its place on a real-life 911 RSR. And also honours the virtual race and race drivers who brought us such eventful motorsport highlights this year, despite various obstacles. We are looking forward to seeing this livery under the French sky on 19-20 September at Le Mans.


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