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A review: Porsche celebrates the anniversary of its first overall victory at Le Mans.

It is probably not presumptuous to say that Le Mans is one of the world’s most historic race tracks. Hardly any other circuit has celebrated such significant victories as this one. When the city on the Sarthe river in western France becomes the annual motorsport epicentre while hosting the 24h of Le Mans, the most talented drivers come together to compete in this spectacular race. Le Mans and Porsche Motorsport combine tradition and success. And the 24-hour race has become a firm fixture in our racing calendar.

Exactly 50 years ago.

It was 14 June 1970 when Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann at the wheel of the 917 KH were first to cross the finish line, clinching the first overall victory at the 24h of Le Mans for the Porsche Motorsport team. This was followed by another 18 overall victories. In total, we can look back on 19 overall and more than 100 class wins. This traditional track has always been a second home for Porsche and we are proud of our shared history.

The decisive race in June 1970.

Events in Le Mans on that June day were as changeable as the weather itself. During the 4,607.811 kilometres or 343 laps, the drivers repeatedly had to contend with heavy rain and dazzling sunshine. This resulted in constant pit stops to adjust the vehicles to the changeable conditions. Over the 24 hours, fewer and fewer teams were able to rise to this challenge. Ultimately, increasingly more cars withdrew from the race. But Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann tirelessly battled to cross the finish line in the Porsche 917 KH. This year marks the 50th anniversary of this decisive race. So, we are all the more excited about Le Mans 2020, and are hoping for a similarly historic race.

Le Mans 2020.

A reason for all motorsport fans to rejoice: this year, we are celebrating Le Mans twice. Since the 24-hour race was moved to the virtual world, we can now look forward to the alternative date for the real-life race on 19-20 September. And as we have already secured a class victory in the virtual 24-hour race, we are aiming for nothing less than this for the real-life event. Le Mans 2020 is likely to be very different to usual, but that is exactly why we are so looking forward to it. To a new challenge.


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