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The competition slips up – Job extends his lead at the top of the table.

At the end of a season, the winner is not always the one with the most victories, but the one with the most consistent results. However, in the case of the young Briton Sebastian Job from Red Bull Racing Esports, both are true. With his sixth win in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup, he extended his lead over the competition and now has the opportunity to clinch the title at the penultimate race in Le Mans. His victory also included a little racing luck, as his rivals were unable to deliver in the Green Hell. But let's start at the beginning.

Special race format. Spectacular race action.

Unlike previous events in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup, those at Nürburgring were not time-based, but lap-based. For the sprint race, this meant three laps of the longest circuit on the racing calendar – 25,378 kilometres. Race day began as usual with the best time in qualifying for Joshua Rogers, who secured this accolade prematurely, along with the non-cash prize of the title sponsor, TAG Heuer, with a total of six out of a possible ten qualifying sessions. Which at the time of the race was probably of little consolation for the defending champion. In the tussle for the leading places, the German, Max Benecke, crashed into the Australian following a braking mistake approaching the Tiergarten, thwarting Joshua Rogers’ ambitions for this race. Sebastian Job definitely benefited from this crash, because two of his direct competitors were out of the sprint race. Meanwhile, Patrik Holzmann, Sebastian Job's teammate, led the sprint race, achieving his first win of the season. The Brit’s fourth place earned him further important points and a brilliant starting position.

The main race in four parts.

The main race on the combined circuit at Nürburgring consisted of four laps. And every lap told its own story.

Lap 1: As usual, the main race began in the order in which the sprint race ended. Patrik Holzmann in front, followed by Kevin Ellis Jr, Mitchell deJong, Sebastian Job and Alejandro Sánchez. Following the crash with Max Benecke, Joshua Rogers finished the sprint race in 18th place.

Lap 2: When braking into bend one directly after the home straight, Mitchell deJong and Alejandro Sánchez collided. The young Spaniard and Sebastian Job's closest rival fell back to 12th place and had to end his race early due to the damage. While Sebastian Job’s competitors gradually withdrew from the race, he dared to make his first attack on his teammate. His efforts were initially unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Mack Bakkum delivered a fantastic performance at Nürburgring, catching up with the leading pack. On the Döttinger Höhe, the Red Bull Racing Esports drivers took advantage of the current leader, Kevin Ellis Jr.'s, slipstream and both immediately overtook him. Sebastian Job also used this long straight to overtake his teammate.

Lap 3: However, Patrik Holzmann snatched the lead back from Sebastian Job in bend one. But unlike deJong and Sànchez, Job kept his nerve and gave his teammate enough space for the manoeuvre. Then a short time later, approaching the famous Carousel, Sebastian Job regained his lead.

Lap 4: Joshua Rogers had already worked his way up ten places. Following another incident with Tähtelä, Rogers fell back several positions. In the end, the defending champion could only manage ninth place. At the front, however, the picture remained unchanged: Job in first and Holzmann in second. Ultimately, only third place was hotly contested: Kevin Ellis Jr and Mack Bakkum fought a fierce battle until the very end. With the Dutch driver finally prevailing.

A second time in Le Mans.

With just two races to go, Sebastian Job is in an extremely comfortable position. 84 points separate the Brit from the Australian, Joshua Rogers. So, Job could already secure the title at the next race on 26 September in Le Mans. But the second catch-up race promises further excitement. Because Joshua Rogers was the fastest driver at the first non-ranked race in Sarthe. We are excited to see what this race on the legendary circuit has in store. As always, we will be broadcasting the race live on the Porsche YouTube and Twitch channels. #jointherace


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