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The season comes to an end.

On today’s program was the last race of the grand Formula E finale in Berlin. And with that, the rookie season of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team comes to an end.

It’s been a thrilling road to the final day in Berlin. Season 6 is ending and one final time, both Porsche drivers rolled onto the grid. Today, André Lotterer started out from position 20 into the race, Neel Jani was on eighth place. Some involved seemed a bit wistful, others appeared more relieved. The pressure of the past few days left some weary. Still, all drivers sped across the starting line into the final race just a few minutes past 7 p. m.

High speed on the day of the finale.

After a quick start, the race went on at a high pace. Among the top 10: Neel Jani, managing to defend his position. He countered some of the many attacks on the now familiar track layout. Over and over again, the curvy track brought on some tight spots – and still, the high speed was maintained. During this demanding race, Neel Jani managed to demand everything from his Porsche 99X Electric. Again, the race was defined by the Attack Mode: When is the best time to leave the ideal line and get that extra boost? A question ever-present among the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team as well. In the end, Berlin proved to be an event that demands a smart strategy and good energy management. Both of which the Porsche drivers proved to have today. In the end, they met in the middle of the field: André Lotterer worked his way through several ranks as was his usual and Neel Jani managed to find his pace throughout the fast race. Lotterer finished on position 14, Jani crossed the finish line on 15th spot.

Satisfied trip back to Zuffenhausen.

The sixth season of the Formula E closes. And the Tag Heuer Porsche Formula E team has finished its first season. In the end, it isn’t anything to sneeze at: The drivers entered in a superpole, won several spots on the podium, continuously improved and earned a spot at the table. They never grew tired and always stayed hungry. Porsche is here! Following year in January is when the race activities pick up again. Preparations for season 7 are already in full swing. But for now, some well-earned holidays are up first. The team gave their all in Berlin – and that is bound to remain the same in season 7. Promise.


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