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New Formula E driver for Porsche.

The first season of the Formula E for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team is barely over. And the preparations for the next are already running high. With a small change in the cockpit.

As the usual in the world of sports, the rumor mill was already running. Hot in the bargain was a driver in Baden-Wuerttemberg. And now it’s official: From now on, Pascal Wehrlein enforces the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team. The 26-year-old German of Swabian roots fits perfectly with the race series as well as the team. The ambitious spirit he has proven in his young, yet successful career is distinguishing: determined, focused and professional.

Close to home.

Wehrlein, a Swiss citizen by choice living in the Lake Constance region, sees the switch to Porsche as the next big step – which brings several advantages. “It feels great to be with Porsche. The closeness to Stuttgart along with the short distance to Weissach are advantages. I don’t have to travel long distances and can reach everywhere quickly,” he says. His smile and sparkling eyes are telling about his anticipation for the upcoming season. “It’s very exciting for me,” he recounts. “Everything is new: the 99X Electric, the team. I can’t wait to meet everyone.”

The wait isn’t long anymore. According to the Formula E race calendar, the start is in January, but some intense weeks of preparation await the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team. And in turn, the new driver Pascal Wehrlein. So, there’s nothing interfering with the soon-to-be meeting with his new team colleagues, nor his own plans to “successfully compete in races with Porsche and win the championship”. The fans can get very excited now for Porsche and Pascal Wehrlein to launch with full electric energy.