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Lightweight construction is taken to its extreme: the Porsche 911 RSR paper model.

Carbon. Synthetics. Aluminum. There's no doubt that they have all proven themselves to be excellent materials for lightweight construction in motorsports. But with our latest racing car, we go one step further - and use paper.

But that's not all: the 911 RSR becomes the first race car available to download. Right here, for everyone.

Our 911 RSR paper model is now available for all fans to tinker with. Simply download this PDF file, print it out and in just a few steps you can assemble your very own 911 RSR.

Paper model
Paper model instructions

The WEC is gearing up once again.

Speaking of the 911 RSR: our powerful motorsport vehicle is ready and waiting for the next WEC race. After a long break, the WEC will finally returns on 15 August 2020 in Spa-Francorchamps. So, we can look forward to exciting duels in the notorious Eau Rouge.

To all those who can’t wait any longer, download our paper model or have a look what it will look like on the race track below in our gallery.