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Carlo Wiggers

Director of Team Management, Business Relations and E-Sports at Porsche Motorsport

Motorsport lies in the DNA of Cologne-born Carlo Wiggers - he has dedicated most of his career to the discipline. Aged just 26 he moved to the UK, making a name for himself as a motorsport executive for a leading marque. In high demand back home, in 2005 he relocated to Munich, working as their project manager and ultimately heading up the marketing team for several successful years before joining Porsche in 2013. As Head of Team Management LMP1, Carlo Wiggers fondly remembers the thrill of winning Le Mans three times in a row (2015-2017). In 2019, he was delighted to take pole position as Director Team Management, Business Relations & Esports.

Despite the current race-free situation, he remains optimistic about opportunities in the world of motorsports. Take the boom in virtual racing, for example: He stresses how important it is, in these difficult times, to stay true to our passion by continuing to be engaged in motorsport and, especially, to entertain our fans.


Please describe your job at TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E

I oversee all team management and business relations aspects of the TAG Heuer FE Team.

What were you doing before the Formula E season?

I have been part of the motorsport world for quite a while. Before the Formula E project, I was part of the successful LMP1 era.

How many years have you been with Porsche?

Many years … since 2013

Where does your passion for motorsport come from?

It comes from inside, as I have always and will always live and love this sport. The team spirit makes me hungry for more, hungry to go further and to achieve goals together. Being part of the TAG Heuer Porsche FE team is the greatest thrill and it pushes you to do better, to overcome any obstacles. Therefore, I would say it is on the one hand the emotions that drive my passion for motorsport but on the other side I also like the business part of our sport - dealing with all sorts of characters is a great challenge, no matter whether it is one of our drivers, a sponsor or the Formula E organization.

Please describe how you felt when the Porsche 99X Electric got on the racetrack.

Thrilled. It was one of the major milestones for all of us involved. However, now it is all about delivery in the competition. Whenever we go out we want to win, we want to push boundaries.

What is the biggest difference between FE and other race series for you personally?

The main differences to other racing series is that in Formula E you don’t have any permanent tracks, you drive through closed streets in city centres and overall you have to do this in 1-2 days. This is one of the major challenges – you have very little time to prepare. However, one thing always stays the same – the people. We meet many people we know from other projects and campaigns, so it feels like a big family.

What keeps you motivated to push even more with the team?

If you work in any sport you are driven by the idea of winning - every day.

Do you feel pressured by the high expectations from fans that come with the debut season?

Yes, we do. Pressure is always there. Especially when you are with a brand like Porsche. However, it is a positive impact.

Please describe what it’s like to work with the FE team.

A pleasure.

What was your biggest success with Porsche so far?

The biggest success with Porsche was winning Le Mans in 2015 and 2017. Both wins were very emotional for the team and it paid off the hard work we put into the LMP1 project.

How do you feel about the competition in Formula E?

With so many brands / manufacturers, I believe it is one of the strongest competitions in the sport.

What are your personal expectations for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team?

World Champion

What are your personal goals for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team?

World Champion

What do you think is the coolest about Formula E?

Frisches Veltins

What does “Stay Hungry” mean to you?

It perfectly describes the way we work - it is the attitude of a group of people wanting more. The hunger to never give up, to go the extra mile even if it is challenging, because in the end greatness comes from stepping out of your comfort zone.

How do you cope with this current situation? Is there anything you would like to tell the community?

Use the time to reflect on yourself, be brave and adapt. The world will be different and it is on us to influence and create.


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