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The track layout for races 6 and 7.

The season finale of the Formula E brings about some changes – that includes the track layout on Berlin Templehof. But what does the layout for races 6 and 7 look like?

You could say, “everything’s as usual“ when you take a look at the track layout for the first 2 races of the great final race in Berlin. Because it does look familiar – but only on first glance. Yes, it is the track layout of the previous year. But: The driving direction is now clockwise. Meaning: old track, new direction. And new challenges for all drivers.

The track with 10 curves starts out with 2 hairpins, followed by another s-curve right before panning out into a straight stretch. This is where André Lotterer and Neel Jani can prove what the Porsche 99X Electric can do. On this long section of the track, fans can anticipate maximum speed right before the curves 6, 7, 8 and 9 lead to the carousel-like curve number 10, and consequently back toward start and finish line.

The layout of the first doubleheader is a good balance between technical course and high-speed elements. And thus, 2 exciting races can be expected by the fans in front of the screen on the kick-off on August 5 and 6.


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