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I packed my bag and in it I put …

Packing a suitcase is actually nothing new for the members of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team – but this time, things are different than usual: 6 races in just 9 days await all involved in Berlin.

Everyone has them. Those personal and crucial essentials. Some of them remind of family, others serve as distraction and some are just for fun. And all of them share one thing: they can’t be missed on any travels. Especially not when the team is off to Berlin. The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team tells us what exactly they have packed in their bags.

David Varnholt doesn’t hesitate – it’s clear what needs to come along to Berlin, right? “Sure,” he says. “For my time in Berlin, I definitely need my headphones, sport gear, a notebook, my cap and a bible.” Sounds like a well-balanced bag between work and relaxation – after all, you don’t know what to expect during the great finale in Berlin. For Kyle Wilson-Clarke it’s also clear which top 5 need to come along to Berlin. “My laptop – that’s the number 1 tool of a race engineer,” he points out. With that, his “sunglasses, a really cool watch and a mobile charger for on the go, and what’s really important: a lacrosse ball to massage any tenseness in the shoulders.” Which important things need to go into the suitcase for Berlin was also obvious for Manuel Lapone, “Playstation, good luck charm, sunglasses, headphones – and most importantly: a photo of my family. I’m not leaving without it.” So, the team mechanic has everything he needs to bridge the time along with the longing for family. Beside his laptop, Max Fiolka also adds “a tablet, mobile phone, a thick book and a mountain bike magazine” to his suitcase for Berlin. “And a mask – can’t go without it,” he points out.

And how about the drivers of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team? A pro stays a pro – and athletic. “As usual, I’m taking my sport gear along so that I can have some active recovery between the races. On top of that my watches, the laptop, sunglasses, and of course a mask. Oh yeah, and my racing license,” he points out with a wink. “I’m also taking my Leica. I hope I have the time to take some photos,” he adds. Driver Simona De Silvestro is equally athletic. “I’m definitely taking my yoga mat and a training band. On top of that my sunglasses, laptop, my watch and a bag for any small trips.”

Last but not least: Andre Honold. What personal essentials does the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team mechanic put in his suitcase? “Oh man – I haven’t even packed yet,” he admits with a laugh. That’s alright – surely, he has some vital items for Berlin. And in case it’s not clear yet what needs to come along, then he surely can get inspiration from his team colleagues. Or he can borrow something. What stays in the team …

In any case: The Tag Heuer Porsche Formula E Team is prepared for the trip to Berlin. And is burning for the race. We will see, if they can bring a victory on their way back.


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