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Jeffery Docherty loves excellent design. And he loves Porsche. Be it his 911 SC or the many other elegant Porsche models he has seen over the years, all across the world at various events. And the first thing this creative looks at is not the performance of these vehicles, but – what else – the shape: the fly line and the overall design. The senior creative director has an eye and fine intuition for what defines timeless design. Or what makes something modern.

In the interview, the artist expounds on how the Porsche 99X Electric of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team inspired him, what he sees in the race car, and how music has influenced his work. And he proves it all in his designs for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team.

Why did you create this artwork in the way you did?

I love taking something familiar and making it abstract. We’ve all seen these amazing cars in their pure form, so distorting it and putting a spin on it graphically makes you look at the car in a new and fresh way. These cars are extremely dynamic, so why not make the art reflect this.

Do you like races? If yes, why?

I was introduced to motorsport and cars at a very young age. As a family, we would attend races and events in New Zealand on a weekly basis throughout the summer. I was exposed to a wide range of cars and car cultures, dirt track oval racing, circuit racing, hot rod shows, and classic car events. We did it all. It is my dream to attend the 24hr Le Mans one day, I see it as an event that captures the spirit of the sport for both the cars and the drivers. Endurance, multiple classes, and a festive atmosphere. Plus, Porsche's rich history in this event is unrivaled.

What was your inspiration during the process?

With each piece I create, I try and find or discover a creative opportunity within the car's history or aesthetic. With the 99X Electric, it has such sleek and dynamic lines. It’s very symmetrical and graphic in its appearance. Using these design principles, I wanted to create compositions that used symmetry and graphic forms to echo the car's contours and design language. Also, the Porsche Motorsport team's color palette plays a big role in the piece. At glance, you immediately know it’s a Porsche with the striking Red, Grey, and White color palette.

How can you describe 99X as an artist? Any feelings?

This project was inspiring on so many levels since the Formula-E program is so new, it meant that there was a real clean canvas to work from. Being so new not a lot of art has. Been created for this type of racing, so I wasn’t hindered on what has already been created, versus what can we create! It’s a lot like the FE series, the future is bright and has so many possibilities.

Were you listening to any specific music tracks while your work on this project?

Music and my work or the way I work go hand in hand. It’s funny, I need noise and distractions while I work. If I’m not playing music I'll be streaming a race or a related video in the background. I enjoy learning about motorsport and it’s history as I work. It can sometimes inspire my next artwork while I’m currently working on a project.

If there’s anything to add, please roll it out

This project was an amazing opportunity to gain more knowledge and passion for the Formula-E program. As I said earlier, I stream racing while I’m working just so I can understand the subject matter more while I create. This project was a great opportunity for me to move with the times, a window into where motorsport and the technology are heading. My first real learning with electric drive technology being used was with the 919 Hybrid, that car really opened my eyes up to the potential of new ways to power race cars. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years look like for Formula-E.


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