Boiling Point.

The Hungaroring is a steaming tarmac, literally. As legend goes, the summer sun burns so relentlessly that it brings the Hungarian asphalt to cooking temperatures. Are you ready for a heat battle?

Szia and welcome to Round 3 of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup at the Formula 1 ARAMCO Magyar Nagydíj from Budapest. The field of drivers are ready for a climatically challenging race on the track that is also known as the “Flat plate”: it’s traditionally where the hottest races of the season are served.

On the calendar since the Supercup began.

The Hungaroring's permanent circuit has been an integral part of the racing series since the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup began in 1993. The twisty characteristics of this course offer limited overtaking opportunities. Want proof? In recent years, 16 Supercup drivers have achieved a start-finish victory from the pole position. Qualifying here is even more important for having a successful race than usual. Many of the partly tight and fast right turns also put a strain on one side of the tires. It’s a special challenge for the teams’ engineers to work out a set-up that ensures the racing car’s grip can manage through the last lap.

Hungaroring is a track we really enjoy with its fast corner combinations. Red Bull Ring was a solid start of the championship, but we have our sights set on one position only for Budapest!

Torsten van HaasterenTeam Manager Team GP Elite

If you didn’t already know, the very first Supercup winner on this legendary circuit was a young guest driver named Mika Häkkinen, who at the time was under contract as a test driver for the Formula 1. Prior to that, Häkkinen had already won his Supercup debut in Monaco, making guest driver history in the series. In 1993, the racing car was still based on the Porsche 964: 265hp without power steering or ABS. A real behind-the-wheel workout.

Red hot duel anticipation.

The best pole time in Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup history at the Hungaroring belongs to Michael Ammermüller, who in 2017 drove it in 1:46.926 minutes. Will the record be broken this weekend? Will Lechner Racing continue their winning streak in Hungary? Will #3 Leon Köhler (GER/Lechner Racing Middle East) take the triple in the Rookie Classification, matching his starting number? We’ll have all the answers Sunday noon.

This weekend’s race broadcast will be aired again on Sport1, Eurosport and Formula 1 TV. The Practice Session begins Friday evening at 5:55pm (CEST), and the Qualifying Session on Saturday afternoon starts at 1:45pm (CEST). On Sunday, around lunchtime at 12:25pm (CEST), Race 3 of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2020 season will happen live at the Hungaroring in Budapest. The sun will be shining high in the sky, and we’ll definitely be reaching a #boilingpoint.

Provisional Entry List* for Round 3 of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup

*Subject to amendments

Comp. No. | Entrant | Driver

1 BWT Lechner Racing (AUT) Jaxon Evans (NZL)
2 BWT Lechner Racing (AUT) Dylan Pereira (LUX)
3 Lechner Racing Middle East (BHR) Leon Köhler⁴ (DEU)
4 Lechner Racing Middle East (BHR) Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer⁴ (FRA)
5 FACH AUTO TECH (CHE) Jaap van Lagen (NLD)
6 FACH AUTO TECH (CHE) Jordan Love⁴ (AUS)
10 Dinamic Motorsport (ITA) Marius Nakken(NOR)
11 Dinamic Motorsport (ITA) Moritz Sager⁴ (AUT)
12Dinamic Motorsport (ITA)Philipp Sager⁵ (AUT)
14MRS GT-Racing (DEU)Mateo Llarena⁴ (GTM)
15MRS GT-Racing (DEU)Jukka Honkavuori (FIN)
19Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Stéphane Denoual⁵(FRA)
20Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Roar Lindland⁵ (NOR)
21 Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Clement Mateu⁵ (FRA)
22 Martinet by Alméras (FRA)Ayhancan Güven (TUR)
23Martinet by Alméras (FRA)Marvin Klein⁴(FRA)
24Team GP Elite (NLD) Max van Splunteren⁴ (NLD)
25Team GP Elite (NLD)Larry ten Voorde (NLD)
26 Team GP Elite (NLD) Jesse van Kuijk(NLD)
30GP Elite (NLD) Lucas Groeneveld⁴ (NLD)
31 GP Elite (NLD) Daan van Kuijk⁴(NLD)
32CLRT (FRA) Philippe Haezebrouck⁵ (FRA)
33 CLRT (FRA) Florian Latorre (FRA)