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Spielberg Echoes.

The Bull of Steel awaits Spielberg’s second showdown at Red Bull Ring. Will Lechner Racing maintain their home-track advantage? Can a Porsche Junior win a 6th consecutive Supercup race at Spielberg? Only this weekend will tell.

Ten teams comprising of 25 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup will meet again at the Formula 1 Pirelli Großer Preis der Steiermark. Red Bull Ring’s hill and dale racetrack delivered a few surprises during the first weekend of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.

The first race was a bit up and down. At the outset, I lacked speed, but then the car was running better and I was able to leave Florian Latorre behind. P4 is not enough though.

#25 Larry ten Voorde(NED/Team GP Elite)

Red Bull Ring is a demanding track with up to 11% gradient, that requires maximum concentration. The combination of up and downhill sections is also unique. Exiting out of the start-finish straight, drivers hit the first ascent while braking into the Niki Lauda Curve. A long uphill passage follows heading towards the Remus Curve – the track’s highest point, with an altitude difference of 65 metres from the start/finish line.

It’s all downhill from there. Curvy descends, high-compression turns, material-demanding curbs and full-throttle passages all cost rubber. For drivers and teams alike, finding the ideal set-up that withstand these conditions throughout the entire race becomes a decisive factor. Lechner Racing, and this weekend’s quasi-host, certainly has the most insider intelligence when it comes to this track than the other teams. Walter Lechner Senior’s squad managed to convert this know-how into racing success from the first lap of Round 1 of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2020.

Open-ended summit meeting.

Despite P1, P2 and P3 going to the Austrian racing team at Spielberg last weekend, all other teams are poised for a counterattack. Will #22 Ayhancan Güven (TUR/Martinet by Alméras) be able to steer ahead – taking care of the track limits, of course? And which driver can beat #33 Florian Latorre’s (FRA/CLRT) Round 1 best time of 1:32.036 minutes?

The Practice Session starts this Friday evening. And beginning noon Saturday, the driving field will resume their coveted places in the front row of the starting grid during the Qualifying Session. Round 2 of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2020 starts on Sunday, 12th of July at 12:25 CEST.

I could have gotten more out of the first race. But I know what to improve on during Spielberg’s second race; like being even more offensive on the track, for example.

#23 Marvin Klein(FRA/Martinet by Alméras)

Motor sport enthusiasts can tune-in via Sport1, Eurosport and Formula 1 TV. We’re looking forward to a racing afternoon full of eventful revenge coming live from Spielberg.

Provisional Entry List* for Round 2 of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.

*Subject to amendments.

Comp. No. | Entrant | Driver

1 BWT Lechner Racing (AUT) Jaxon Evans (NZL)
2 BWT Lechner Racing (AUT) Dylan Pereira (LUX)
3 Lechner Racing Middle East (BHR) Leon Köhler⁴ (DEU)
4 Lechner Racing Middle East (BHR) Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer⁴ (FRA)
5 FACH AUTO TECH (CHE) Jaap van Lagen (NLD)
6 FACH AUTO TECH (CHE) Jordan Love⁴ (AUS)
7 Lechner Racing Middle East (BHR) Julian Hanses (DEU)
8 Dinamic Motorsport (ITA) Marius Nakken (NOR)
9 Dinamic Motorsport (ITA) Moritz Sager⁴ (AUT)
10 Dinamic Motorsport (ITA) Philipp Sager⁵ (AUT)
11 MRS GT-Racing (DEU) Mateo Llarena⁴ (GTM)
12 MRS GT-Racing (DEU) Jukka Honkavuori (FIN)
13 MRS GT-Racing (DEU) Laurin Heinrich³ (DEU)
14 Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Roland Bervillé⁵ (FRA)
15 Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Roar Lindland⁵ (NOR)
16 Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Clement Mateu⁵ (FRA)
17 Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Ayhancan Güven (TUR)
18 Martinet by Alméras (FRA) Marvin Klein⁴ (FRA)
19 Team GP Elite (NLD) Max van Splunteren⁴ (NLD)
20 Team GP Elite (NLD) Larry ten Voorde (NLD)
21 Team GP Elite (NLD) Jesse van Kuijk (NLD)
22 GP Elite (NLD) Lucas Groeneveld⁴ (NLD)
23 GP Elite (NLD) Daan van Kuijk⁴ (NLD)
24 CLRT (FRA) Philippe Haezebrouck⁵ (FRA)
25 CLRT (FRA) Florian Latorre (FRA)