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Join the 1st online Trading Card Game for Electric Street-Racing.

Why have an ace up your sleeve when you can have digital Porsche cards instead? Powered by raceme.io, the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team is releasing the first digital trading card game in the electric street racing universe and is currently looking for BETA testers to join the game.

The trading cards are designed to give their collectors a deeper insight into our team that is competing in the FIA Formula E racing series. Background information on team members, more technical details on the Porsche 99X Electric and facts about future race locations are just a few to mention.

For everyone who wants to be at the forefront and test the game, the BETA version is now accessible at raceme.io.


What can we expect of the final app?

A new platform where fans come together, collect cards, upgrade them and exchange them for real prizes like fan shirts, tickets for future races and other prizes. All you need is a device with an internet connection.

Why should I join now?

Every card is limited, so there will be no better time to claim most of the cards then now. And even better, your feedback will determine the further development of the app. This trading card game is not only done for the fans but with them as well.

How is this game connected to the races?

With every Formula E race in the future, new booster packs with limited cards aligned to this specific race will be released. If you join now, you can still get the limited (Sim-) Race@Home Challenge cards.

How do I get new cards?

Card packs are tied to certain events during the season like races for example. All you need to do is log in during these events and claim your free booster packs.

How can I join the game?

Get your access by signing up on raceme.io.