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No time to rest.

Whoever believes Neel Jani is just chilling right now couldn’t be more wrong. He doesn’t have the time to rest, because he’s a full professional. In other words: he lives for motorsport.

While scrolling through Neel Jani’s Instagram account, you’ll see a diverse feed. His last posts draw up an image that truly suits him: family, home – and motorsport, of course. Though even the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team driver is currently running a different program. “Cycling, weight training, ping pong, sim, soccer and everything else that’s fun,” is the Swiss man’s answer to the question on what he’s doing to stay fit. It’s important to him – he leads by example. That’s why it’s not surprising that a break doesn’t put things to a stop for him. At most, it’s to recharge. And that’s what he does with his family. He’s enjoying the time he can now share with them in the current situation. But he never loses track of motorsport.

Staying on track.

He’s in regular contact with his team colleague André Lotterer – to stay up to date on what’s going on with each other. Their preferred topic? Motorsport of course. But not exclusively, “We talk about life, Formula E, sim racing – but about other things too.” After all, both drivers have known each other for quite a while and have shared a cockpit several times with Porsche on international tracks. And those who share a cockpit, share experiences and unforgettable moments. Their connection is one built upon trust. His joy of having André as a team colleague is tangible.

Motorsport has been my constant companion for 26 years.

Not completely without motorsport.

According to him, he hasn’t been completely without motorsport in the past weeks. “The Sim can bridge the gap right now, but on the long run, it is weird,” he admits and adds, “Motorsport has been my constant companion for 26 years.” It’s obvious that he’s excited about the next real Formula E race. No matter when and where – all that matters is that it picks up again. Just recently, he proved that his skills haven’t been suffering. During the FIA ABB Race at Home Challenge he demonstrated a great pace.

He’s been familiar with the Porsche 99X Electric right from the start – after all, he was involved in the development. But it can’t be compared to what it was right at the beginning. “Extremely,” Neel Jani replies to the question, just how much the 99X Electric changes – or rather: improves – from race to race. “The groundwork was good though – it made any advancements we made from then on possible,” he recalls. He too is convinced that they have developed a fantastic race car. As is custom for Porsche, he knows after all these years.

“The best Porsche race car I could drive in?” is his question in return. “Both 919 – the 919 Hybrid and the 919 EVO … that power, that downforce and an incredible technology. Especially in the 919 EVO, mind and body are brought to their limits – not the vehicle. That’s what a race car has to be like,” he laughs.

He raves about the sport he‘s been watching all these years and still successfully lives for. Is there something else you want to tell Porsche Motorsport fans? He smiles once more. “Racing will come back.” And adds, “Until then, there are quite a few awesome videos on YouTube.”

It seems it’s clear what the Jani family will be doing for the remainder of the day.