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Hall of Legends: Living legends.

Not everyone has them. Not everyone will have them. A hall filled with legends and myths – proof of what has been accomplished throughout the centuries. Porsche has them: Welcome to the Hall of Legends.

You could call it legitimation. You could call it proof of hard and well-earned work. Porsche fans have the chance to experience the world of Porsche Motorsport in an entirely new way. Together with the virtual Hall of Legends, they can embark on a journey through time. From the first days of Porsche Motorsport to the most recent victories. The virtual reality experience is based on some of the most significant moments in the company’s history. And fans can become a part of it.

Waving the checkered flag in Le Mans while the Porsche 917 dashes across the finish line, claiming the first overall victory in Le Mans in 1970. Or becoming the co-pilot of the 550 Spyder during the Mille Miglia in 1954. The very race during which the drivers Hans Herrmann and Herbert Linge ducked right beneath a railway barrier at the last moment, barely escaping an incoming train. Legendary moments for Porsche. And for all fans.

Legends close enough to touch.

The stuff legends are made of is not just tales. They’re made of sheet metal, screws and carbon. They’re 5 exemplary race cars that embody victories and milestones: the Egger Lohner C.2 Phaeton from 1894, the 550 Spyder of 1954, the legendary 917 from Le Mans 1970 and of course, the 919 Hybrid of 2018. Proof of perfected tinkering and innovative ability. One such proof is also the TAG Turbo engine of 1981 – a Formula 1 engine developed by Porsche that scored countless victories and became the stuff of engineering legends. All of this can be discovered by fans virtually – including information and fitting anecdotes of the times.

The reward for the time travel and the collection of Porsche DNA is a look at the future of Motorsport. Fans unlock the chance to experience the new race car of the Porsche TAG Heuer Formula E Team: the Porsche 99X Electric.Throughout it all, fans are guided by a virtual Archivist. The keeper of knowledge of 70 years of Porsche. His name? Ferry. What a coincidence …