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Dinamic Motorsport – La Bella Macchina.

"Of course we're Italian!" After such an exclamation, you’d expect to see a lot of red paint on the car. But with Dinamic Motorsport, “La Bella Macchina” is black, white and green.

Also, in Dinamic Motorsport’s case, the beautiful machines they’re driving come from Stuttgart, and not from Maranello, which is only 43 kilometres away from the city of Reggio Emilia, home of Dinamic’s headquarters. So none of the common clichés that have been cultivated with regards to Italian motorsport applies to Dinamic. But that’s what makes things even more interesting when it comes to this team. After all, it’s the deviation from expectation that generates more curiosity. Breaking from the norm is a part of everyday life for Dinamic Motorsport’s Team Manager, Giuliano Bottazzi, who is well aware that he doesn’t 100% meet the expectations of motorsport fans. Nevertheless, the team prefers to focus on perception and consistent and strong performances within the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup environment.

The Supercup is extremely competitive. Because all races are happening as part of a Formula 1 weekend, it offers a lot of media and sponsor visibility.

Giuliano BottazziTeam Manager

At home in the heart of a motorsport region.

Dinamic Motorsport’s home base is in the heart of beautiful Emilia Romagna. A region primarily known for its nature, culinary specialities and medieval architecture. And of course, for motorsports! The town of Modena is just a few kilometres south of their headquarters. So if you happen to be driving along the E45, keep going for another hour until you reach Imola, where you can take a few laps in the 485 hp 911 GT3 Cup around the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. And if you’d like to add a little “dolce vita,” head towards the Adriatic to the Misano Circuit. Vallelunga is at the gates of Rome, so a bit too far south. But you can head north of Milan and make a pit-stop at Monza’s royal palace park, where the Supercup at Formula 1 events celebrates magnificent sold-out races.

“Autodromo” is Italian for racetrack. There are more than enough of these in the direct vicinity of Dinamic Motorsport. In fact, Emilia Romagna is a centre for motorsport, with a wide variety of courses with different layouts, allowing drivers and teams numerous opportunities to test and fine tune cars. This is a clue as to why Dinamic has become a pure Porsche racing team rather than working with a local manufacturer. Specifically, we home in on two keywords: analysis and performance.

Reliability and Emotion. That’s Porsche.

We are an Italian team with a German mindset, says Team Manager Bottazzi. That means that the connection to racing is extremely emotional, but the car absolutely must always be a hot-blooded performer. In addition, Dinamic sets high standards for quality and reliability. The combination of all these factors makes Porsche the obvious choice: they deliberately went with the horse on a golden background and not with the black stallion on yellow or the golden bull. This compliment is definitely being heard in Weissach, particularly because Dinamic consistently relies on Porsche for other racing series.

After former racing driver Maurizio Lusuardi founded the team in 2011, Dinamic Motorsport has grown into the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup via the Italian Carrera Cup. Mattia Drudi made his premier behind the wheel in the 2017 Supercup debut season and achieved a podium finish for the team on the home track in Monza – a result that he even topped in 2018. However, the team often had setbacks, or drivers who did not consistently deliver high performances. Thanks to the above-average commitment of the team, Dinamic still manages to achieve top midfield finishes time and time again. With sustained and disciplined focus on quality, Giuliano Bottazzi wants to keep shooting from the midfield to the top of the field in 2020. His clear goal is to deliver an Italian green, black and white 911 GT3 Cup into the Supercup’s international spotlight, and that means to the top of the podium.

This is the fourth year that we are participating in the Supercup, and we want to win our first race. This of course won't be an easy task.

Giuliano BottazziTeam Manager

Dinamic’s team ranking during the past years shows that they can perform at the top. If a driver with talent like Mattia Drudi or Mikkel O. Pedersen in the 2019 season could join the team, top positions are only a matter of time. This statement rings true for all the teams because of Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup’s fair racing conditions. And Dinamic Motorsport has already demonstrated that they can win and make the breakthrough as they have with other race series.

Profile Dinamic Motorsport

It’s not surprising that Giuliano Bottazzi’s team has racing in its blood: founder Maurizio Lusuardi established their headquarters between the legendary circuits of Imola and Monza.

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Dinamic Motorsport

Success is coming. It's only a matter of time.

The Blancpain GT Series is contested by Dinamic Motorsport with the second Porsche model in their fleet: the Porsche 911 GT3 R. It was this series in 2019 where top driver Zaid Ashkanani, former Porsche-Junior Klaus Bachler and Andrea Rizzoli won their first race at Monza. It was an unexpected win, particularly against direct competition from Italian GT race car manufacturers. In addition, this was the first Porsche Endurance Cup victory of this GT racing series in six years, and Dinamic impressively proved the team’s racing quality. Also, racing a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in the Supercup series with this Italian team, drivers can realize opportunities that can push their career forward. On the Italian-German Tour, so to speak.

#11 Jaden Conwright, who finished in 3rd place in the Rookie Classification of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Virtual Edition, could make it. Or maybe the Norwegian #10 Marius Nakken, who shared 11th place in the Virtual Edition’s Overall Classification with teammate Conwright. In 2019, the Austrian ProAM #12 Philipp Sager also took 2nd place in his category and is known for delivering surprises. Italian motorsport fans and long-time followers of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup alike are rooting for Team Dinamic.

Alone, Dinamic's friendliness and passion for motorsports needs to be rewarded; demonstrated so clearly during our pleasant conversation with founder Maurizio Lusuardi. Answering our English questions in Italian, Team Assistant Linda Cesena simultaneously translated for us. “What would an international racing series be without an Italian team?” His thoughtful answer: “Exactly.” The Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup needs high quality teams who bring their own cultures and racing philosophies, as well as the desire to compete fairly. Buona fortuna, Dinamic.


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