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Porsche Community Legends Round 2: the meeting of legends.

There are race tracks. And there are legendary race tracks that are full of history and stories. The Silverstone Circuit in England definitely belongs to the latter. Over the past 70 years, the 5.891-kilometre Grand Prix course was the stage for the duels of motorsport legends such as Graham Hill and Jim Clark. And now this tarmac that is steeped in history – at least its virtual version – will host the second qualifying round for the final of Porsche Community Legends in the race simulation "RaceRoom Racing Experience".

An equally legendary race car has been chosen, the Porsche 911 Cup from the 964 series. With up to 275PS, the power output of this 911 that has been reduced to the absolute essentials sounds relatively tame by today's standards. However, thanks to its superior handling typical of Porsche, experienced drivers could chase the race car, which weighed in at just 1120 kilos, around the race tracks in unbelievable times.

More information on taking part can be found here: http://game.raceroom.com/en/championships/51