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Once more a weekend of motorsport.

Formula E is renowned for bringing motorsport to the world’s major cities. That there’s another way of doing so right now is proven by the newly established ABB Race at Home Challenge – established together with UNICEF.

Motorsport lives for thrilling races and duels for positions, points and victories. This calls for tactical skills and innovative ideas from everyone: the teams and drivers, along with the race organizers. From the beginning, Formula E represented motorsport that unites people in an urban atmosphere. Now, to run races it’s time to break new ground.

Taking sports to the people.

If the fans can’t get to their sport, then the sport needs to get to the fans. From the upcoming weekend onwards, all motorsport enthusiasts can look forward to races once more: The virtual ABB Race at Home Challenge race series will kick off on April 25. Both drivers of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, Neel Jani and André Lotterer, are along for the ride. The newly founded competition will run until June 13. That way, fans can enjoy 9 weeks of pure motorsport every weekend – with the pros as sim racers along with a selection of the world’s best eSport participants. The races will take place in two different starting fields and at different times – so fans can watch two live races per day.

All teams will be participating with the same technical requirements. Just as it is in any real race of the season. The drivers start in professional Formula E simulators. Play seat, steering wheel and pedals are provided by Fanatec, gaming PCs, monitors and headsets by Asus. The driving simulation software itself is from rFactor 2.

Points of the ABB Race at Home Challenge races are awarded according to the Formula E point system. However, gained points are not added to those of the running season. The ABB Race at Home Challenge is a separate, virtual race series with the aim to raise funds together with the UNICEF charity foundation. Once more the motorsport family has the chance to prove their solidarity. Formula E unites motorsport – despite the distance. And that is definitely true with the new ABB Race at Home Challenge.