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If you ask the drivers and crew what they are planning on doing after just surviving a 24-hour race, the answer probably won't be "drive another 24-hour race." But in 2019, that was exactly what parts of the Porsche GT team were facing. From Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, they went directly to the Nordschleife – where the 24-hours of Nürburgring awaited them. So much for the conditions of the two biggest GT long-distance races of last year. But to really understand what this feat means for the teams, you have to delve deeper into the subject.

This is exactly what we do in the documentary ENDURANCE. Accompany the Porsche GT team up close and personal. Watch with excitement as Michael Christensen and Kévin Estre fight for victory and then for their World Championship title. Take a look behind the scenes of Laurens Vanthoor's Double Yellow incident on the Nordschleife. And experience the setbacks of the current works driver and former Porsche Young Professional, Matt Campbell. In addition, gain deep insights into the work of race engineers, mechanics and the tasks of the overall GT Motorsport project manager, Pascal Zurlinden.

The concept for this 90-minute documentary was born at the beginning of last year, and was then filmed over eight weeks by Porsche Motorsport together with the co-director of the successful documentary series "Drive to Survive", James Routh. The Porsche GT team permitted insights that no other film crew had ever had access to before. The cameras were allowed to be there for team meetings, strategy discussions and internal tests. This openness and numerous interviews finally resulted in almost 500 hours of footage. Sifting through the best scenes to tell the story of ENDURANCE also required endurance in the editing suite – which definitely paid off. You can now see for yourself:

ENDURANCE is immediately available to watch on www.porsche.com/endurance and from 3 April on Amazon Prime Video.