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Unusual calm around Silverstone.

Every racetrack in the world is special. But there are always those shrouded in a certain air – one of them being the Silverstone Circuit.

Usually, the idyllic Silverstone is tranquil. The dreamy quality of the English town is truly “very British”. But this British serenity is regularly interrupted: Exactly when the world of motorsport sets its eyes on the Silverstone Circuit. This is the time when the racetrack near the eponymous town turns into a haven of motorsports. And it’s been that way since the last mid-century.

The 5.89-kilometer-long course is considered to be one of the more demanding circuits in of world and is steeped in tradition. The 18 curves of the challenging course will call for all the drivers’ ability on the upcoming weekend – for that’s when the track is back on the agenda for the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. Though this time it’s the digital version of it. Alone the number of curves in relation to the length of the course emphasizes: Driving skills are on demand here, and that counts on a virtual level as well! In recent times, the Silverstone Circuit was not renown for its high-speed races – but all the more for those focused on tactics. And that’s what makes this track such an unpredictable component in the next two upcoming races of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Virtual Edition on April 18.

One thing is for sure: this year, motorsport fans can gear up for a thrilling race. It’s uncertain though, whether the residents of the small town are relieved about the lack of hustle and bustle of the masses.