The answer to everything.

Everyone writes their own distinctive story. You can be a racing driver on the track, a fighter in the ring, a dancer on the stage, a figure skater in the stadium, a rugby player on the field, or a boulderer on the wall. Yet, there is this shared feeling deeply rooted in all of us: the hunger for more.

The inner drive to always step out of the comfort zone, no matter the playing field. Staying hungry is the answer to everything. Not only to us, but to the five people we met whilst shooting our ‘Stay Hungry’ Film in Copenhagen as well.

Waldean Nelson, a dancer in the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company, took a big risk while auditioning and proved to himself that staying hungry is a sacrifice sometimes, but one that is worth the outcome. Ever since he received the phone call and got accepted to the company he is certain of one thing: “I hold that as a proof of what you can gain from taking a risk of staying hungry“. To him, art has the power to change the world “…it touches people’s hearts“ and that’s what feeds him to keep pushing and pursuing his passion, by choosing to say yes every day. And mistakes? He sees the beauty in them: “I’m in a place where I'm just trying to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.“

A place that defines 30-year old Mikkel Højgaard Larsen's passion like no other. As a professional Boulderer, he always finds himself outside of his comfort zone, being more attracted to the harder-to-reach climbing holds: “If you only go for 80% or 90%, then you are never going to succeed." It’s no question to him when or where to live out his passion, it’s all about building your life around it. Today he makes his living only with climbing. Although his friends and family recommended he become a paramedic or a doctor, he stayed determined about his passion, “Trust your guts and go for it.“ You can clearly see the hunger for more in his eyes and the satisfaction in his words: “I’m living my dream“.

And looking to fulfill her life dream as well is Maia Sørensen, training for the Olympics 2022 in figure skating. At just 14-years of age she won her first Danish Junior Championship in 2018 and managed to successfully defend this in 2019. She knows exactly how to aim for your goals “…by training hard and staying focused all the time“. It requires a lot of discipline, but the feeling you get out of it makes constantly leaving your own comfort zone worthwhile.

Speaking of comfort zones, 24-year old fighter Sarah Monsour will assure you that boxing rings are quite the opposite of it. It’s a tough sport and she herself experienced situations where “every fighter or boxer gets that feeling that you just wanna quit and it’s just too hard…but you keep going.“ Boxing helped her fight her inner anxiety she had ever since she was a child. It’s not only her motivation but also a proof that she is capable of dealing with what’s inside of her “it feels good when you’re up there and you just did that in front of all the people that look at you.“

And giving people the best experience of their lives is stage performer and former rugby player Oliver Le Roux’s inner drive. One he doesn’t sleep or dream about, but is straightforward when it comes to making it reality. At the same time he accepts setbacks, like retiring from rugby after suffering too many injuries. Ever since he left this sport behind, he is putting all of his energy into acting – “If you don’t get the thing you want, it’s ok. Take a step back, try again and then keep going until you get there.“ He realised that leaving the comfort zone shows sides of oneself that may be annoying, but at the same time provide the opportunity to improve: “There is too much to be gained…“.

Five people who couldn't be more different. Five different stories, but all written with the same feeling. A shared desire we all have. The inner drive to Stay Hungry for more.

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