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Race couture.

What do the racing drivers of the world wear? On the track, a fire-retardant racing suit, of course. And in the box, at team meetings, in hospitality? This is where the Porsche Motorsport team shows unity. And anyone who has been to a GT race knows that this applies not only to the drivers, but to every team member. From the head of the motorsport programme to the assistants – they are all dressed in the team colours white, black and red. You stick together, motorsport is a team sport.

But something that is rarely considered: the Porsche Motorsport team clothing must be able to cope with an enormous range of climatic conditions. From Formula E desert races in Saudi Arabia to rainy test days in Spa. Or all together – like the typical Eifel weather at the Nürburgring. The clothing is also functional: from the airy, light polo shirt to the combination of windbreaker and softshell jacket, the basic clothing of the team members leaves nothing to be desired.

Speaking of desires: if you want to fly the flag on your next race visit, you now can. With the extensive Motorsport Collection, which is based on the original outfits of the team members. This and much more is available online now: