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The colours of success: our liveries.

Fifty-nine. Always 59. This number played a crucial role in the life of Brumos Racing co-founder and racing driver, Peter Gregg. “Peter Perfect”, as he was nicknamed, acquired a liking for the combination of 5 and 9 even before his meteoric career in the racing world. Legend has it that when serving in the US Navy, he saw the number 59 on a plane reflected on the hull of the aircraft carrier from which it had taken off. Gregg was impressed by how well these two numbers went together. So much so that he immortalised them in the now iconic version, between a red and a blue stripe on the Brumos race car. Brumos Racing won 48 victories and 15 championship titles with car number 59 in the North American IMSA racing series.

After more than four successful decades of action, Brumos Racing finally closed its doors in 2015. But its unmistakeable number and colour combination lives on. Not only in the hearts of motorsport fans, but also on Porsche race cars: to pay tribute to the motorsport giant from Jacksonville, Florida, one of our 911 RSRs is competing in the 24h of Le Mans bearing its legendary colours. We are saluting Brumos Racing with a reinterpretation of the Brumos livery – dozens of coloured “59s” make up the blue and red stripes over the bonnet, roof and rear of the RSR. And congratulating the American IMSA racing series in our own style, which is celebrating its fiftieth season in 2019.

Speaking of celebrating: after the 6h of Spa-Francorchamps, our works team was crowned winner of the manufacturer's world championship. This WEC Manufacturer's World Champion 2019 title is a special reason for us to celebrate. So we plan to turn night into day at Le Mans and use the 24-hour race for special laps of honour – wearing the appropriate winner's outfit. In the case of our second 911 RSR, this means: instead of the red stripe in traditional crested livery, it will feature a sash in world champion gold. As a thank you to the entire #TeamPorsche for a successful season. And as an expression of our aspiration for our weeks of endurance: let’s go for gold!