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Weeks of endurance. Our toughest weeks of 2019.

The 24h of Le Mans and 24h of Nürburgring – 2 of the world’s most demanding and traditional endurance races. 2 races that have shaped Porsche and 2 opportunities for us to make history, together with our teams, fans and friends. In 2019, we are again taking to the grid as defending champions in both endurance races.

We can hardly wait to compete against the world’s strongest GT teams over thousands of kilometres. To fight exciting duels and put our technology and ourselves to a twenty-four-hour resilience test. And to face the unexpected together.

At Le Mans, we are entering 4 Porsche 911 RSRs bearing iconic paintwork with which we bow to the greats of motorsport history. The 4 RSRs will be driven by a total of 12 Porsche works drivers.

At the Nordschleife, 2 of our 911 GT3 R – the neon-colored Grello Porsche – are competing as Manthey-Racing teams supported by the factory. We are particularly proud that our customer teams are again relying on Porsche this season and taking part in both races. They will battle for every meter of the race track and every hundredth of a second.

In 2019, however, it's not only thousands of race kilometres, unpredictable weather and sleepless nights that will pose a challenge for us at Le Mans and Nürburgring. But also the racing calendar: this year, both races take place in rapid succession. This means: 2 24-hour races within 2 weeks. Twice over, we will have to prepare, qualify, do battle, persevere, give our all, celebrate and dismantle.

For our fans, this is possibly the biggest event of the year. And for our team? The toughest weeks that we have ever faced in motorsport.

A challenge that we can only overcome together. And so we urge everyone to support us during these two weeks in June. To follow us. To cheer us on. At the venues, in front of the TV or on our Instagram® channel. In order to be there when we give our all together as #TeamPorsche. Welcome to the biggest motorsport event of the year. Welcome to our weeks of endurance.