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Santiago de Chile and the pulse of the race.

The suspense is soon to be over – this weekend Formula E will be back from its winter break. And similar to Riyadh, the Chilean capital is expecting hot temperatures that once again will put man and machine to the test.

Santiago is considered the cultural centre of the country: Besides art and theatres, the capital city magically attracts musicians as well. Yet sports are no exception - after all, Formula E is proving this for the 3rd time. The slight track change at Parque O'Higgins this year is set to result in a fast-paced race: Especially the long left-hand curve of the circuit promises positional battles: otherwise these are difficult to gain on the narrow track. Moreover, the conditions will play an important role in Santiago. Last season, the drivers had more of a heat battle than a race under the burning sun: In places the asphalt came off, making the race a slippery affair. So more than ever, it is all about finding the right rhythm for the race.

What else is in store for The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team – this Saturday and this season - we will have to wait and see. Besides collecting points, the 3rd race is also about gaining experience; to further optimize the car and the setup and to get to know Formula E even better. And after last year's successful entry into Formula E, the team is highly motivated to compete in Santiago on January 18. The potential is there without a doubt and the time in between races is used by the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team to analyze and evaluate data. After all, they not only want to play along but also set the tone. How fitting that it's taking place directly in Chile's cultural capital. Where better to find the right rhythm?