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A growth experience in Santiago.

Today, the Formula E in Santiago de Chile presented the other side of the coin. The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team was stalled right after the start by an unfortunate accident. And sees it as a growth experience.

The expectations were high for the 3rd race of the season in Santiago. Highly motivated by the incredible kick-off in the most modern race series of the world, the team arrived in Chile. But the Formula E had another side to show. On a typically urban Formula E course through Parque O’Higgins, the race was turbulent right off the bat. And it was bound to happen: The packed field in round 1 in one of the tight curves led to a collision, which also involved both TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team drivers.

Particularly Neel Jani was struck by a stroke of bad luck. The Swiss man was immediately forced to the pit due to some damage to his Porsche 99X Electric. The entire team did all they could to get the vehicle back on track. Even though Neel Jani could leave the box once more, in the end, it was all for nothing: The race was over for him even before it began. His team colleague André Lotterer was marginally luckier. He too had to head to the pit, but after a compulsory break, he was back and made the most of the remaining time: Right to the end of the race he collected precious experience in real racing conditions. Even his subsequent disqualification for exceeding the maximum amount of energy available did not change this.

No points, but experience.

We came to give our all. And we did give our all. Though we were stalled by an unfortunate race start, we will grow as a team. Particularly during the first Formula E season it’s about gathering experience. Today it was a bitter one. But that too is a part of motorsport. The entire team will remain hungry for more and continue pursuing the success in the Formula E so far. And points are bound to be scored again.