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The weekend of truth: start of the season in Riyadh.

Suddenly the weekend of truth is here. The closer it gets, the greater the anticipation for our debut season in Formula E.

From zero to Riyadh.

It’s been a long, exciting journey to the inaugural race of the new Formula E 2019/20 season and now we’re literally on the home straight: because next Friday, Formula E will begin in Riyadh. Including a dual start. With races taking place on both Friday and Saturday.

Typical Formula E – always something new: this season, 12 teams and 24 drivers have made the journey to Saudi Arabia to determine the next Formula E champion. The fact that more drivers are now competing for the title will once again change the upcoming races, leading to unpredictable results. The Ad Diriyah Formula E circuit is technically challenging: 2.5 kilometers, 21 curves and three chicanes will demand everything of our two drivers. Rapid directional changes as well as 90-degree bends and the course’s minimal grip will also characterize the races. So the first race of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team is bound to be thrilling. They’ve already gained experience of Formula E in Riyadh, where their previous season also began – that time, Antonio Felix da Costa won the race. We’ll see what happens this time.

A worthy setting.

Formula E wouldn’t be Formula E, if there wasn’t more to experience in Riyadh than the race itself. The race track in the middle of the city provides scarcely comparable urban flair – allowing you to feel every little detail as in no other motorsport race series. The race in Riyadh is certain to have an appropriate supporting program at the Allianz Village. This year, Formula E fans can again look forward to several concerts and other highlights, thereby making the initial race weekend of the new season a special experience in this desert city. It’s highly likely that the start of the sixth Formula E season will be extraordinary.

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