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A hot start to the inaugural season.

When winter comes to Europe in late November, Riyadh will still be experiencing high temperatures: the Formula E racing calendar is due to begin again in Saudi Arabia in November.

All the teams will be heading to sultry Riyadh for the start of the new season on November 22. And it's not only the temperatures that will play a major role in the two races on the Friday and Saturday. In this desert city, drivers will compete on the technically demanding Ad Diriyah Formula E circuit: put through their paces over 2.5 kilometers, 21 curves and three chicanes. The course is characterized by rapid directional changes and 90-degree bends, ensuring a thrilling race. When the signal changes to green in Saudi Arabia, the start of the new Formula E season will also herald a new motorsport era for Porsche. Which is set to be enthralling. Just like the race at the Ad Diriyah Formula E circuit.