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From Le Mans to Diriyah – the highlights of Formula E in the spotlight of the Porsche Top 5 Series.

The fourth season of the Porsche Top 5 Series premieres just in time for the start of the first Formula E season for Porsche. The first episode features the highlights of the new racing series. Therefore, the racing drivers Neel Jani and André Lotterer guide us through this episode’s Top 5 ranking.

The race tracks are a special feature in Formula E because, contrary to the long-distance races of the WEC, Formula E takes place exclusively in the middle of big cities such as Paris, New York or Berlin.

Number four in the ranking is the new Porsche 99X Electric. Since about 80% of the racing car is prescribed by the regulations and is the same for all teams, the primary focus during the development and testing was the powertrain.

The racing strategy comes next in the ranking and the keyword here is energy management: engineers, technicians and racing drivers refine their respective task to be able to race for the victory. A specialty of Formula E is that the racing drivers must always have the remaining capacity of the battery in mind when driving on the track.

André, an experienced Formula E driver, presents the next topic: the Attack Mode. A special feature introduced (by Formula E) to intensify the races. To unlock the extra power, drivers must leave the ideal line.

Another way to get more power is explained as Top 1: the Fanboost. The fans can vote for their favourite driver. The five drivers with the most votes will receive additional power which they can use during the second half of the race, giving them a boost to complete a critical overtake or to maintain the lead.

Neel and André will start their first Formula E season for Porsche on 22 November 2019. Everyone can support the two drivers by casting their vote online via the Formula E website, the Formula E app and via Twitter. Click this link to give André and Neel a fanboost: www.fiaformulae.com/fanboost