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Showdown at the foot of Mount Panorama.

This weekend, the intercontinental GT Challenge begins in Australia with the 12 Hours of Bathurst. And one of the most demanding race tracks in the world awaits the drivers Down Under.

Mount Panorama - sounds like an adventurous excursion with a view. Well, it will certainly be an adventurous trip for the drivers of the 12 hours from Bathurst But there won’t be any time to enjoy the view. The Mount Panorama Circuit of the same name is one of the most technically challenging and demanding tracks to be featured in the intercontinental GT Challenge. It is hilly, curvy and steep. The 6.2-kilometre-long circuit with 23 curves and up to a 16% incline demands the utmost concentration from the drivers. Some parts of the track are even running on public roads, which will be closed extra ordinary for the race. But it will not only be the track demanding all from the teams – Australia is experiencing high summer temperatures at the moment, which obviously will have a huge influence on the race. Everyone involved must keep it cool in the heat of the race.

Another strong drivers' field.

Once again it is a matter of surviving within a strong field of drivers. That the Porsche drivers master this brilliantly was already proven last year. The Earl Bamber Motorsport team climbed the podium and secured Porsche's first victory at the traditional race in Australia. Could it be any different than entering this power-consuming 12 hour race with the goal of defending the title? There might not be time to enjoy the view from Mount Panorama, but hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy an even better one: the view from the podium.