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Current Porsche Junior Bastian Buus, stands next to his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup with hearing protection

Junior Programme


Die Zukunft des Motorsports beginnt mit dem Nachwuchs. Nach diesem Prinzip handelt Porsche bereits seit 1997. Gleichgesinnter Partner der ersten Stunde war das Paket- und Logistikunternehmen UPS und das Ergebnis der Aufbau des UPS Porsche Junior Teams.

Der sportliche Erfolg war das eine. Auf der anderen Seite entwickelte sich das Junior Team schnell zur wichtigen Nachwuchsschule für Porsche Werksfahrer. Genauer: für glaubwürdige Markenbotschafter eines der erfolgreichsten Sportwagenbauer weltweit. Mit Namen wie Timo Bernhard, Marc Lieb, Patrick Long, Michael Christensen, Earl Bamber, Matt Campbell oder Thomas Preining. Allesamt einstige Porsche Junioren, die den Sprung zum Werksfahrer schafften. Auch die Motorsportgrößen Dirk Müller, Lucas Luhr und Mike Rockenfeller starteten ihre Karrieren im Junior Team.

The Porsche Motorsport Junior Programme is based on two modules sharing the common goal of training aspiring young talents to become professional racing drivers.

The support has been initially granted for one year. During this time, the Porsche junior will go through a training course to become a professional motor racing driver. The curriculum will include physical fitness and stress management. A driving coach will accompany all Porsche juniors over the race weekends, assist in the analysis of data and optimise driver performance on the track. Media seminars, workshops on subjects like vehicle dynamics and assignments at works and customer events form a further basis for a career as a works driver. A team of specialists will provide the Porsche juniors with help and advice in all aspects of their training. In principle, juniors may be supported by Porsche for up to three years.


All inquiries regarding the “Porsche Motorsport Junior Programme” should be sent to: junior-programme@porsche.de

The selection process

The most successful drivers are nominated by International One-Make Series officials and are then invited by Porsche Motorsport to come together for a screening and testing programme.
Over a period of two days, the One-Make Series pilots will be put through their paces racing around the track as quickly as they can, showing their technical expertise and proving their analytical skills when setting up a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car.
In extensive interviews and by observing the candidates in the way they deal with TV and the media, we gain an in-depth insight into the participants.
To round off the overall picture, the young drivers undergo fitness, stress and mental tests.
The winner will be awarded a Porsche Junior contract worth 225,000 euro to compete in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.
The candidates can be solely nominated via the International One-Make Series, it is not possible to apply for the programme.

The promotion

The Porsche Juniors selected receive a sponsorship contract with Porsche AG. Each contract is valid for a season. In addition to the financial support of 225.000 €, all Porsche Juniors receive an extensive training program. This programme includes fitness tests with constantly adjusted training schedules as well as media training and sponsor appointments. A Junior coach, as well as a personal contact at Porsche AG are on hand as advisor for the Juniors and accompanies the drivers on their way to becoming a professional racing driver.

The juniors are free to select their team in accordance with a list of criteria defined by Porsche AG. The remaining budget required to finance the respective programme is also the responsibility of the Junior driver.