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Attack Mode

In every second of a race, it all comes down to the inch. It’s a tough fight. Every gap is used, and every attempt is made to hold the position – or better still improve it. The fight for the racing line is a hard one, particularly when it comes to tight corners. So why should a driver diverge from the racing line and risk taking the long way around?

It is no longer a secret that Formula E is an extraordinary racing series – ultimately, the past few years have seen it establish itself with innovation that sets it apart. And the fact that it regularly questions itself and improves is part of its short history. Since the 2018/19 season, for example, the Attack Mode format ensures even more thrills and adds excitement to the race. To use this mode, the driver must consciously deviate from the racing line, drive exactly through a marked area, and take the long way around – something that would be unthinkable in traditional motorsport. However, for their deviation from the best racing line the driver is rewarded with an extra 30kW of power.

Activate Attack Mode – and use it wisely.

When one of our drivers decides to use Attack Mode, they must press a button on the Porsche 99X Electric Gen3 steering wheel before entering the zone. This unlocks the Attack Mode and enables the extra power to be used when overtaking on the area marked on the track. Once activated, the halo on the race car glows blue, signaling to the fans that it has been deployed. The duration of the Attack Mode is set by Formula E, but the teams can decide individually how to divide up the time.

So that Attack Mode can fulfill its true purpose in the race, it is not allowed to be used during safety car periods. The race is also interrupted when the yellow flag is shown. In both cases, Attack Mode and overtaking are not allowed.

In the course of Season 10, this format could now be replaced by quick-charge pit stops. With the so-called "Attack Charge", the extraction of additional power could in future take place through a 30-second pit stop, during which the battery is charged with a 600-kilowatt charger called a "booster". The Attack Charge is currently still being tested, so it would only become actively integrated into the racing action during the season.

We know that António and Pascal will give it their all in Season 10. When Attack Mode gives them an extra power boost – you’ll know…