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LMDh prototype


Balance between innovation and tradition.

It’s always a balancing act to foster innovation and create something new while remaining true to oneself. Not a blueprint of the unknown, yet a clear influence of the known: A Porsche must always be recognizable as a Porsche.


Once more, this was successful with the new LMDh race vehicle: An innovative race vehicle that follows its own design rules while still being something new. The interplay of shapes and proportions is an art for those who want to stand at the top of the podium: Where does the wind flow in, and where out? Where does it provide upforce and where downforce? How can one unite the balance of performance, and the balance between innovation and tradition? A whole slew of demands that want fulfilling when one aims to carry the past into the future.


Even if much is new, a familiar element can offer a sense of security. Like the traditional light strip in the rear. A detail that has stood the test of time. In bright red, it signals, “I am a true Porsche”. And on the racetrack, it reminds the competition, “For years you’ve seen me, because you trail behind us.” The light strip will stay where it is. Just like the competition.


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