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A winner’s honor guard.

The headlights shine as brightly as the gleaming eyes of the winner. Standing at the exit of the box are strategic makers, who operated concentrated and meticulously in the background while the action was raging on the racetrack. Now they have become an honor guard and salute the performance. They clap. For each other too—because nobody here can win alone. Motorsport is team sport.


Our photo shows the moment the Porsche 911 RSR with the starting number 92 arrives in the pit lane after the 2021 victory during the 6 Hours of Bahrain. And this victory is not just a triumph during the race! In the fiercely contested WEC World Manufacturer’s Championship, this victory brings a leap to the top. And once more, they stand before another success in the world of motorsport.


Now, the last race awaits. One thing is for sure: Each and every one will give their all to stand another honor guard. Because then, the season becomes history, and the championship title is guaranteed.