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Pascal Wehrlein at Rom E-Prix 2021 - Race 4


How to forget the rain.

His expression is serious, seemingly concentrated. The eyes focused, facing forward. The polished visor still lets some fresh air in through a small gap. Raindrops are collecting on the jet-black carbon of the Porsche 99X Electric of Pascal Wehrlein. The red and gold of his helmet shine in the dark lighting atmosphere.


Motorsport also isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – as our photo literally shows. After all, each race much is at stake. And during all of it, the weather also often plays a decisive role.


Just like on a gray Sunday in early 2021, when Pascal Wehrlein headed to the track of the Formula E prix in Rome, and had to battle not only against the competition, but against the rain too. Surely the Porsche pilot imagined other weather conditions. But the result most likely pacified him: In the heart of Italy, he raced onto third place and secured a podium finish. And thanks to this memory, he’ll likely have forgotten the rain …


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