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Like from another star.

So surreal, so otherworldly. And so powerful. A photo that makes Pascal Wehrlein seem like from another planet. Strapped into the cockpit of his Porsche 99X Electric. Protected by the seemingly massive side elements. In the dark and elegant color scheme of his surroundings his blazing red helmet appears even brighter. Like a moth to a flame, he draws gazes and captivates. “Ready for takeoff”.


What this photo doesn’t tell us is if he’s about to head out to one of the famous Formula E city tracks or into outer space. Both are possible. Even though we do know the truth. The dreamlike illusion of a galaxy far, far away fades, but the image remains. How long Pascal Wehrlein spent frozen, and waiting is not clear. After all, he had to go. Out onto the track and prove his driving abilities.


And that is not always of this world.