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Neither day nor night.

Yes, it exists. That mythical moment between day and night. One moment not fully veiled in the darkness of night nor in the light of day. And exact this moment was captured in today’s photo. Breaking through this interplay of light is the shimmering Porsche 911 GT3 R. It appears elegantly in this image – an image that only gives an indication on how fleeting this moment actually is.


The focus is not the race, but the play of light. And that is a spectacle in itself: One between light and dark; another dominated by the neon yellow “Grello”. It practically pierces the darkness. Disrupts it. Overshadows. And at the same time, lets it shine in magnificent beauty.


The light of dusk between day and night frames the race car and lets it appear like a brightly lit work of art on 4 wheels.


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