Together. Not alone.

Perhaps it's only during that first walk through the crowd that a sporting victory is complete. The direct closeness to the fans, the shared joy, literally sharing the success. This 'celebrating together' is a homage to all fans. It brings us together and makes us into a tangible 'us'.


Lap after lap is passionately cheered on at the edge of the race track, at the railings and in the stands. We tremble, hope and fear. And finally – just like here – celebrate. Motorsport brings people together: we throw our arms around each other, laugh, let our joy overflow. The unrestrained, happy moment in the photo is contagious.


But at the moment our picture looks like it comes from a different era. And it evokes feelings of pain. Longing. To be together. We are still together. Just in a different way. Motorsport never leaves us. And we don't leave it. And so, we hope that we'll be embracing each other again soon. At the edge of the race track.