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Of sights and thoughts.

Every race, every track demands its full attention from the drivers. Focus on the present, the vehicle, the field. The battle is ongoing – much is at stake: titles, dreams and trophies. And all of it can come to a swift end in each and every moment. No thought should be wasted, any diversions are unwanted! And yet, every now and then, there are moments that can send thoughts on a rollercoaster ride.


We can only speculate what thoughts went through the driver’s mind after he passed a left curve and faced the front instead of the rear of the car ahead. Maybe he countered the situation with pure instinct, without going through a wild rollercoaster ride of thoughts. Maybe the thoughts on this poignant moment only came after everything was said and done. After all, this unwanted gaze into the eyes of an opponent could have spelled an end to all hopes and dreams on triumph.


The image does not tell how he solved this situation. And it doesn’t have to. The photo is not about keeping titles, dreams and trophies in sight. It’s about an incredible moment of motorsport. One that demands pinpoint focus and brave decisions, in spite of all worries. Taken almost from the perspective of the driver himself. It can hardly become more personal.


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