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Part of the success.

Man, machine, material. In motorsport, they must become a unit and work in harmony. One is nothing without the other. A synergy of parts leads to success. It’s no secret that this whole is brought to the limits of its resilience – but that can’t always be seen. Though sometimes, it is.


June 1, 1975, Nürburgring. The sun is low. The shadow of the removed fender weighs heavy in the light. It seems tired. Used. You can see how the events have taken their toll on it. A silent witness of a strenuous race, and at the same time, part of the success.


Beside the sponsors of the time, the marks of the race adorn the fender: The glass of the headlight is broken, the fatiguing indicators of exertion have left visible marks on the surface. Scuffed, dirty, damaged. Maybe it was exchanged during the race, maybe it still saw the checkered flag. And now it’s there. Discarded and forgotten? No. It has done its part. On the table behind it rests the wreath of victory. This image reminds us of the fact that every step beyond the breaking point has a price to pay. Back then it was for the laurels. That investment paid off. Man, and material pushed the limit – and perhaps beyond it. And in the end, they reached the top: Helmut Kelleners, Hans Heyer and Bob Wollek achieved a GT class victory in the Porsche Carrera RSR during the Nürburgring 1000 km.


Each single component united to create a whole. Each single component played a part. Played its part. And thus, the synergy of parts led to success.