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The legendary Porsche 917 on the road in Monte Carlo

In 2016, Monaco native Claudio Roddaro bought the 917-037 works race car. As a passionate collector – and driver – of rare Porsche race cars, he immediately set about making the car suitable for use on public roads. Not a particularly simple endeavor with a Le Mans prototype that is over 40 years old. But, luckily a precedent had already been set; an original 917 had been approved for public roads on two previous occasions.

After two months of nerve-wracking, painstaking bureaucracy, and countless hurdles to be overcome, it was finally time Claudio’s 917K in authentic Martini Racing look featuring the stickers of the sponsors back in the day now boasts two fine license plates and is returning to the road as an important piece of Porsche history.

The Porsche 917 project began in the summer of 1968. The first step is always the hardest, and the car proved almost undriveable. But from the 1970 season onward, it became unstoppable. Perhaps the most important moment for the 917 was the first, long sought-after overall victory at the 24-hour classic at Le Mans. Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood crossed the finish line with starting number 23, thereby giving Porsche its first big success. But that just wasn’t enough. In the long-distance classic, the 24 hours of Daytona, and in the 1000km race at Monza and Spa-Francorchamps, the Porsche 917 was invincible.

Even in 2018, the Porsche 917-037 has no reason to shy away from other sports cars. Its heart, the air-cooled 4.9-liter 180-degree V12 engine, provides it with a healthy 600hp, as before; an impressive power output. A special feature: the vehicle weighs just 1,323lb, not even half the weight of the modern 911 GT3, easily achieving the 1000hp per ton mark. On public roads. In an almost 50-year-old car. With a legendary reputation.